Aeon WallMote Random Orange Flashing

I have a Aeon Wallmote in the bedroom and I've noticed that it sometimes flashes orange. I was able to see it this morning and it blinks 5 times fast. I wouldn't mind but it's incredibly bright in the middle of the night :sunglasses: I can't find anything that matches this case in the manual or online. It seems like you can wake up the device with the button on the back which according to the manual:

your WallMote will wake up for 10
minutes and the orange LED will fast blink while it is awake

This is something you have to initiate though. Another thing I noticed was right after it flashed orange, my other minimote was not responding to any button presses for about 15 seconds. Kinda odd. Has anyone else had any issues with their WallMote or have any ideas?

I have one connected to ST, and it does this every so often. Sorry, I have no idea why, but because it’s in my office it doesn’t wake me up… So haven’t been very motivated to find out. I would email Aeon Labs and see what they say. Would love to know their response if you get one. Good luck.

they do this when they wake up, which they do on their own.
There doesn’t appear to be a documented way of disabling this.

Sorry to resurrect a thread created a while back, but I was thinking about getting this device myself and now I know it might be a bad choice for a bedroom. But Eric M. reports (the manual is silent on this matter) that this device only wakes up once every 24 hours--see the first post in this ST DTH thread: [RELEASE] Aeon WallMote Dual & Quad - 2 & 4 Button - Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community

If you still have this device, I'd suggest see what happens if you manually wake it (instructions in manual) during the day or another convenient time. Maybe that will that "reset" the wakeup timer so that you might be able to coerce it into waking up every day at this time instead of the middle of the night. (Or is it timed with respect to when it was joined? Or maybe it's not exactly every 24 hours and it will eventually shift back into night for a while...just trying to guess here, assuming the 24-hour thing is accurate, but starting with waking it yourself can't hurt. Too bad there's not a parameter to disable or set the brightness on that,)

I'm pretty sure the orange flashing means it needs to be recharged. At least when it does that, I recharge it then it stops.

There’s two orange flashing 1) needs a charge, 2) is waking up (30 min)

The did is the number of flashes

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