Aeon Siren Functions

Is there documentation of what the various functions of devices should be doing?

What's the difference between Refresh and Poll?

What does Configure do?

To my topic: What do the various functions of the Aeon Siren do:

Beep? No clue

On? Are On/Off same as blare the alarm and shut it up?

Off? Thinking this is the button to press to make them stop blaring - but sure didn't work on Friday when they went off for no apparent reason.

Alarm? Thinking this cause the blaring to run

Strobe? Thinking this causes the lights to flash

Both? Suspect it causes blaring and lights to flash

Mute? Would think this stops the blaring (and maybe the lights), but if a siren is "muted" will it go off when HSM says to?

Unmute? Would think siren should normally be unmuted - but mine are muted.

Turn siren off after x? Does this happen no matter what causes the siren to go off? Why doesn't HSM set the time for lights and blaring to happen?

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Refresh requests state of siren (on/off) and it shouldn't have a poll button.

It's part of the configuration capability and gets executed automatically after the device is added.

It should make a beep sound by turning the siren on and off quickly, but the siren is really unreliable so it doesn't work for all users.

On and off allow the device to be used like a switch in any app and they turn the siren on/off. Off should turn it off. Pushing the physical button on the bottom of the device will also turn it off.

Commands Siren, Strobe, and Both are part of the Alarm capability so they have to be there, but the device doesn't support just turning on the siren or strobe so all 3 commands turn on the siren and strobe.

Mute should prevent the siren from turning on and I believe it will also turn the siren off.

Unmute restores the normal state of the siren. I doubt the siren was muted immediately after joining it...

It should, but it isn't a hardware setting and this device is somewhat unreliable so there's no guarantee.

It seems like the weaker your mesh, the more unreliable the device is...

I'm not sure what you're asking.

FYI, the siren has 3 volume levels so you can always lower it so it's not blaring while testing it.

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Great answers, thank you.

Back to the Configure button - what happens if it is pressed after a device is already added?

Why does HSM not have a setting for - turn on siren for x minutes then turn it off?

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It resends some commands to the device, but that won't hurt anything.

I don't know...

I just discovered this. Seems really odd. Also how about a dont trun on till after x mins.

The siren driver has the setting for alarm duration. You can delay alarms in the Configure Arming... page.