Aeon Multisensor 6

I have added this device to my hub, and added it to my dashboard. But the tile only shows a question mark icon. I read in the community threads that there is a built-in driver for this device. Does someone know how to attach this driver to the Aeon Multisensor 6 so I may see/ use the different sensors it contains? Thanks.

If you have the device paired, you just go to the device page and under device information select the type drop down. Find the driver you want. They are in alphanumerical order so the Aeotec drivers are pretty close to the top,

After you switch the driver and save, click configure on the device page

I use a Multisensor 6 as an indicator on a safe as it picks up motion, acceleration/vibration, and illumination. It also measures temperature, humidity and UV, but I do not use those.

I use the driver called Aeon Multisensor 6.

When using the sensor to trigger rules, you will need to specify which of the sensor outputs you wish to use as a trigger. if you wish to display sensor outputs on a dashboard, you are likely to need multiple tiles to do so, one for each output value. That is why your dashboard has a "?". It does not know which output you wish to display.

Ok I see what your asking now. As stated above, On a dashboard you need to select the device and which template you want, temp, humidity, etc. You will need to create a tile for each sensor type you want to use in the multi-sensor.