Aeon Multisensor 6 question

I have a Aeon Multisensor 6 and had it running with the USB and no batteries. I wanted to check some temperatures in the house so I unplugged it and put batteries in it. When done I took the batteries out and place it back with the USB power. When looking at my logs, I noticed that while dashboard shows motion and temp and humidity, the logs do not show the device motion activation or inactive. My thoughts are that pulling the plug and going to batteries may have caused the glitch but being new to HE and this device I thought I'd post here to see if this was common and how I might fix it. Again as I'm still learning, I'm not sure the "proper" sequence to date device and reinstall or if there is a way to reconnect the device without deleting it. Also, I did add a simple lighting rule since this happened to test it and it responded properly which made me wonder if the lack of logging was a device quirk? Oh, and that rule did log as expected.