Aeon Micro Switch not responding - red light always on, pressing the button doesn't do anything

I have about 20 of these installed throughout my first floor. Three of them are no longer responding and the Aeon guide doesn't provide much info. The red light is always on. Holding the button doesn't allow me to reset. Pushing the button also doesn't turn on or off what it controls - hubitat says these three are all on, I can't turn them off there either. The switch also doesn't work anymore either. Should I physically remove them and reinstall? Is the Aeon Nano Switch the newest model I should replace with or are there better options?

I have to say that my instinct here would be to remove power from them for a few minutes so they "reboot". I guess they may have fallen victim to a power spike? A heck of a nuisance though! Or perhaps just cut off power to your whole home for a few minutes, would save any tinkering with wires.

Good suggestion. I will try that today.

That solved the problem for 2 of the 3. The third is now responsive but the light still didn't work. I opened up the switch plate to take a look and a spark came out. Not going to touch that now! Calling an electrician.

That's possibly the one that caused the spike that spooked the other two!

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They are on different fuses. Electrician says sparks are bad so they'll look at it tomorrow. Thanks again for the idea to turn off the fuses though.

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