Aeon Micro Switch G2 clicking noises

Just wired one up. Chose not to connect an external wall switch as I couldn’t get it to work reliably.

The HE can control the Micro just fine, however the Micro won’t stop clicking every 10 seconds or so. Any ideas what’s going on?

Aaaaaannnnnnddddddddd... now the Micro's little LED remains solid and it won't turn the device on or off. And holding the little push button on the Micro doesn't cause the LED to blink. This was all working just fine earlier this evening. I wonder if this thing is fried.

Maybe the units out of range of the HE hub ?
Maybe you’ve placed the unit inside a metal back box ?
Maybe you need a Zwave extender ?
Maybe you wired it wrong ? Do you have a drawing of how you wired it ?
Maybe you paired it near the HE hub and have relocated it ?
Sorry for all the questions but more detail is needed to really be able to suggest, what to do next.

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Yeah, sounds dead to me.

Range is fine, since it included to HE almost immediately.

It’s probably the wiring... seems to be the most common issue with these things. The wiring diagrams/instructions have room for improvement.

I flipped the breaker off and back on... the Micro is now working and it stopped clicking (for now.) I decided to just remove the physical switch since I couldn’t get it to work. WAF definitely took a hit, but once I get the humidity sensor installed she may not miss the old physical button.

@mike.maxwell I took your advice and copped several Micro dimmers and switches. This first install was with a double switch that controlled the fan and it’s light. It didn’t go as smoothly as I expected even though I’m fairly certain I had the wiring done correctly. Do I need to use momentary switches with these? The paddle style was turning the fan on but couldn’t turn it back off. I’m thinking about moving the micro up above the fan itself, but range could be an issue up there (the top of the fan console is metal.)

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