Aeon labs Aeotec Micro G2Switches not updating

I have ~20 Aeon Labs Micro switches. A couple Micro dimmers, one Nano switch and 1 enerwave switch in my z-wave network. They all worked fine with my old Wink hub, but are not keeping consistent statuses with Hubitat. Note - the Nano and enerwave were added after the Hubitat. I have all the devices working well otherwise. I’ve done several z-wave repairs and after any device adds. It is running the latest software as well.

Any ideas?

This is apparently an issue across the board as far as I can tell. I guess staff has commented on zwave mesh capabilities being trash without a solution save, potentially, the firmware update they are working on. I wish I had known this before switching everything over from smart things. Hue bulbs, Echo speaks devices, and zwave are all failing to reflect the proper states, which is destroying my automations, as all it takes is one light bulb to incorrectly reflect "off" for all manner of frustrating consequences.

Zwave hardly even functions for me personally. It seems that every device I look up in hubitat to see if there is perhaps a custom driver for has a post similar to this, reporting the devices failure to properly reflect the state of the device, and I have not seen many people pointing to the fact that the failings of hubitat go far beyond zwave. A controller that is perpetually out of sync with the devices it is "controlling" is waste of time. I regret moving to hubitat with every bitter ounce of my soul.

I don't know what's hapening in your specific case but I was using over 40 micros and dimmers for two years with no issues in updating state.
As long as these receive the configuration parameters when joined, or after inclusion via running the configure command, they report state changes perfectly.

Sure, that would suck, fortunately your situation is not the norm.
Categorizing this issue as "across the board" is disengenuious and uninformed.

Good thing how you interpret what I say and what I actually meant don't have to be the same thing. Is there an issue with devices correctly reporting states across device communication protocols? Yes. Absolutely. Do you have a solution? No. You just came here to try and trash my opinion like a child. You sure didn't seem to have much in the way of a denial for what I said. Focusing on one sentence and twisting my words to make it out like I'm saying EVERY DEVICE EVER ON EVERY USERS HUB DOESN'T REPORT STATE, and then calling ME disingenuous and uninformed for your OWN failure to ascertain the point is inappropriate on behalf of the ambiguous "staff."

Save the smoke and mirrors for Trump supporters, please. But I'm sure the original poster appreciates your advice ten months later.

Are you going to tell me that a brand new hub not accurately desplaying the state of zwave devices isn't a large spread issue? Are you going to search the forum for "device not responding" and "device not reflecting proper state" and tell me there AREN'T a plethora of similar posts to this one with NO response and NO resolution? Because if you are that would make you worse than uninformed, that would make you an outright liar.

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