Aeon HEM values wonky

New hub, my breaker box HEM (gen 3 Aeon Labs ) was working OK in ST.

After unpair/repair it works in HE, but the dashboard tile only prints the current watts and it's values are 1/100 actual power, with 3 digit precision.
So I see 5.170 for energy, but the power in use is actually 517 watts. (...move the decimal 2 places to the right.

I'd like it to show current energy and accumulated Kwatt hours.
Is the decimal place thing fixable or do I need a replacement driver?

What driver are you using?

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There's a community driver for Gen 1 that was ported from ST, and there's an official driver for Gen 1. Both written by @mike.maxwell. There's a community driver for the Gen 2 also, but I don't know if there's a community driver for the Gen 3 available. I recall seeing some posts about it, but I don't think a driver was developed.

Thanks. So I was using the built-in, till I worked out how to make and connect to a custom one.
I copied the one for the gen 5 I believe, I found it in a thread here.
Once I figured out that I needed to exclude/include the device to connect to the new driver, it worked with no modifications.
So now the tile reads in watts. I'd like kWatts to 2 digits precision instead of 4 but whatever.

One week into a Smartthings to HE switchover and most things are back in order.

The "peanut" outlet refuses to zigbee pair... they are junk.

My monoprice door switch refuses to pair also.

My Aeon labs door switch eventually was found, I had to place is a few feet away though or the hub would just hang after "device discovered".

My Smartthings door sensor also refuses to pair but it eats lithium batteries like candy so it's also going in the bin.

Now I need to figure out how to make the tiles prettier, and indicate more than one value.
Ideally, Kwh and total energy this week for example.

Also, does anything tell ya when a sensor just stops reporting??

Nothing built in other that last activity so far. There are community efforts. Device Watchdog is one of them.

You mean like this?

Apart from ‘appliance status’ and ‘cost summary’ these are aeon hems.

All created with Super Tile


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