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I have an Aeon HEM V1 monitoring my dryer. I'm using "My Aeon Home Energy Monitor Gen1" driver written by jsconstantelos. I'm trying to use csteele's dryer app but running into the currentWATTS = 0.000 and then I get an announcement that the dryer is done when it isn't.

  • What driver should I use with the Aeon HEM V1 device?
  • Do you think I might need to remove the Aeon from HE and re-discover?

You can try the following driver, originally written by Mike Maxwell for ST, and ported to Hubitat by me. It’s been working fine for over 1.5 years. This driver generates “button events” when the washer and dryer cycles are complete, which can then be received by an app, like Rule Machine to send a notification.

Since I have both clamps on the dryer located in the electrical panel, will this driver still work?

I'm also seeing the current drop to zero. I'm wondering if the Aeon is losing comm with HE or Aeon is not functioning properly.

Yes, it will work, although the accuracy of the power readings will not be correct, if that is important to you. The driver I posted splits the two CT clamps into independent values, instead of combining them into a total. This is to allow the monitoring of both the washer and the dryer, with the goal being simply to notify the user when a cycle is complete, not for energy consumption tracking.

Does it matter which clamp goes to the dryer or washer?

Yes, but you’ve got a 50/50 shot! :wink:

If they’re backwards, just swap the connectors on the Aeon HEM v1 device.

Sounds good. Thank you.

I think I have a bad clamp. Will have to think about updating. My thoughts are towards Sense Power Monitoring or IoTaWatt. Suggestions?

My personal choice is IoTaWatt...

Thank you..

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