Aeon HEM 5 usage

So I have one of these and want to use it for Washer and Dryer notifications (like when done) My thought process is whe HE sees specific draw it knows washing is going and triggers monitoring. Once draw is gone it notifies my phone that laundry is done. Then similar for dryer (230v electric). My issue is I'm not sure how I would write the rule. Any tips would be welcomed.... Do I just trigger over pull? Or is there another way?

Use Rule Machine custom attributes. For reasons that have nothing to do with this, one of my three Aeon v1 HEMs is named "." so just ignore that and imagine it's named Aeon HEM.

So just create a rule for each clamp. Install one of the clamps around the Hot wire for your washer breaker. Install the second clamp on one of the Hot wires from your dryer. You'll have to try each of the two on the dryer. One will read higher and will give more stable readings. That's the correct one.

Here's an example for the washer. Your HEM driver needs to show readings for each clamp separately. All three of my HEMs are v1 and use a custom driver. Don't know about the v5 and what driver needs to be used.

The action will be whatever you want. You'll want to add cancellable delays to the action, so if your washing machine pauses, you won't get false notifications.

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Here is one of my two 'laundry' rules. They work great once you dial in the power levels for your machines...

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So I don't wanna measure the energy of the mains themselves but off the breakers? I'm using the com viertaxa driver..

Thanx! I will try this out as well!

Yeah, if you measure the mains, everything in your home will keep the rule from ever running your action for finished. You need to measure the machines only. If you don't have them on separate breakers, then some have split out the hot wires at the appliance cord and put the HEM clamps around the hot for each.


Agreed! I assumed that was what @rlithgow1 meant...but it appears that may have been a poor assumption on my part. Sorry for any confusion, @rlithgow1.

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Gotcha... I'll move them (currently on mains) Makes sense to me now! Thank you! I was thinking it would measure difference in overall draw of the house but thinking as things are running and cumulative that too would set off a rule which is no good.


Another reason I love this community....