Advise on inline zwave /zwave or wifi dimmer


I have a really old house 20s with knob and tube wiring - there are no wall switches and most of the ceiling fixtures (we still have 3) have knobs on the bulb sockets - about 20yrs ago when we moved in I took a couple of X-10 WS-467 switches and slid them in the ceiling - since then they have worked without any issues and I have been integrating them into various HA systems. Unfortunately one of then finally died and has become unresponsive.

The challange I have have is that the WS-467s are about an inch thick and that about all the room I have without breaking plaster, and every zwave or zigbee dimmer i have seen is really fat usually 2-3 inches.

Any suggestions - looking for something that is not too fat


The nano dimmers might work but I think most devices will still want a ground. Aeotek makes both switches and dimmers. Theses are very small and meant to go inside boxes.


100% good suggestion.

To which let me add, the Qubino ones are even smaller.


I knew there were other brands, I just didn't remember who they were. I do believe there are other ones as well.
I would personally have trouble working wiring that old. My home had BX cable where the insulation cracked as I added switches. I rewired the house and added 8 extra circuits. I did the work myself and I didn't need to make many holes in the wall. I didn't have plaster and lath to contend with but I think I would have managed.


thank you for the suggestions


Are zbee bulbs not an option?


Yeah I have rewired most of the house and put in 10-15 new circuits gone from 60W to 200W panel - everything except literally 3 outlets and overhead lights in every room are on new circuits. I have maybe 60 - 80 watts of lights and 2 fans left on old circuits

Thats the challenge especially on the ground floor for overheads.


that is what I have in bedrooms and den - but dining room and living have chandeliers


With my church, I redid the wiring for this gentleman who was indigent and lived in Mississippi. That house was all knob and tub. But we took lots of it down to the frame. So the rewiring was easy.

Took us like a few weeks to finish the house. Then we started working in the yard. And wouldn't you know it, I stepped in a gopher hole and broke my foot!