Advice or input with "repeat" command

Hello team. I am hoping for advice or input on this rule. The idea is When HSM decides an intruder is in the house, motion detection on any number of devices tells Alexa to make an announcement. The announcement should repeat every few seconds until there's no more motion and then everything can reset and Alexa can hush.
I think it works, I've tried some but as the family has since gone to sleep, I don't want to wake them ... Thanks!

From a technical perspective, that looks like it would work to me. (If you wanted to sort of test the outcome while they're sleeping, you could disable the Intruder Announcement Trigger sensor so it doesn't generate events--including ones that would get sent to Alexa--and turn on event and action logging for the rule, which will show you what it is doing when. Don't forget to re-enable the device when you're done--and when you're sure the rule has stopped, or hitting Done will also re-initialize everything and stop the repeat, too.)

From a practical perspective, this looks like it includes a lot of motion sensors, and if there were ever a false alarm and I wanted to cancel it, I suspect I'd be frantically walking around my house while doing so, probably preventing this rule from ever stopping the announcement. :smiley: Thus, maybe you want something like:

IF (any of your sensors are active AND NOT HSM Status is disarmed) THEN ...

but that's up to you! But this would give you the ability to disarm and stop this repeat without having to wait for all motion to stop, which itself could take a minute or few after you truly stop moving as a human, depending on the "timeout" time of your sensors.


Thank you so much.