Adjust lights on Mode changes activates under limited activation condition

Hi guys,

Hope you can help and clarify behaviour for my use case below.

With regards to the "School Run" mode which turns on at 7:15am; my bedroom lights turn on at the specified level when this mode is activated (motion is already active as it is a radar sensor and detects sleep).

I am happy that the lights adjust when mode changes as all the means to activate conditions are met.

However, what I don't understand is that I also have a limit activation option enabled to not activate when lux is greater than 1 in this case for early morning...

so why is the limit activation condition not being respected when lux value was high in this case (it was around 10lux)?

Screenshot of RL taken now at Sunset:

This Room Lighting instance is already activated as the logs indicate (7:15am has an Already Activated). Because the presence sensor has prevented Room Lighting from turning off, this instance will adjust on every Mode change as long as it is activated. The limit only stops Room Lighting from being activated if it is currently off. The limit does not prevent the lights from changing due to the mode switch.


Thanks for your reply.

I have just tested the settings again by removing the additional limit turning off condition; so when I switch off the nights now at bedtime then the room light is no longer active, see screenshot below:

So, in theory as RL is currently not active, the lights should not be activated by mode change for "School Run" now as long as the lux limit is over 1, right?

I guess, I will find out tomorrow morning in about 8.5 hours!

Room Lighting is only activated via the motion sensor and the switch. This turns on the lights as long as the Lux is equal to or less than 1. If your Lux value is greater than 1, Room Lighting will not activate.

Now, if you manually turn on the dimmer, it will not adjust on Mode changes unless the Lux value is equal to or less than 1. This is because you can still manually turn on the light, but Room Lighting will not activate because of the Lux limitation.


im having a similar issue, where i have a lux sensor and yet it keeps activating.

I also have LUX OFF or bright out and yet the lights are ON

@bravenel or @mike.maxwell can't remember who's app it is. Going to get logs turned on but its happening on all of them, I am sure it used to work but its been broken for a while.

You have a Condition to not turn off about a Switch on, and that switch is on, so no off. Also, please don't bother posting incomplete things like this: Look at the logs, as they will tell you exactly what is going on.

Yes I get that but the main issue is it turning on in the 1st place.

Yes I am doing that only reason I added is the OP was also having the same issues so adding to a existing thread.

The issue is the subtle distinction between "activate" and "adjust". Activation causes the state of the automation to show Activated. A key element of Activation is the inspection of the settings made for conditional Activation, as in your case.

The meaning of adjust is to apply selected settings to an already Activated RL instance. In this case, none of the Activation tests are performed, given the state of the automation being already activated and now adjusted. Activation conditions apply to Activation only, not Adjustment.

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