Adding Zooz switches to Amazon

I have successfully added Zooz Zen 71’s to Hubitat, but Amazon Alexa can’t find any new devices. What do I need to do to fix?

Did you add it to the Amazon Echo Skill app in Hubitat so it will be visible to the Echo? From the Hubitat hub click Apps, Amazon Echo Skill and check the Selected Devices.

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Welcome to Hubitat!

When you add things to Hubitat, they pretty much never get added to something like a rule, an app, the dashboard, or any place else automatically. You need to go into these various apps, and tell them to use your new device. This is a good thing, you may not want to share every device with every app, or expose every device to Alexa or other cloud based apps.

The answer above is correct, go into the Echo Skill, and update the devices you share with Alexa. From there, it should be almost instantaneously discovered.