Adding Z-wave device to improve reliability of distant device

I have a new Z-wave switch in my pool equipment area.

If I mount it where I want it, it doesn't get included. If I move it to a place which has fewer obstructions, it gets included.

I bought a z-wave wall switch which I hope will improve reliability of the switch in the pool area and let me me mount it at a more convenient place.

Will the wall mount switch repeat the signal automatically to the problematic device in the pool area? Do I first need to exclude the problematic device, since it was previously included?

If it's no issue I would:

  1. Exclude the distant pool area device (that was previously included out of position)
  2. Include the new intermediate device in situ
  3. Include the pool area device in situ

That way hopefully the pool area device will be aware of its nearest neighbours from the outset.


Excluding the distance pool area device will require temporarily installing it so it's in range, just to exclude it.

I would skip that step if it's not necessary.

According to the docs, best practice is to start at the hub building outover and including the devices in their final locations. I, like many I guess, built my system over time, adding devices as I had the time and cash to spare as well as when I had new ideas for things I wanted to automate. In that regard, best practice was not followed but everything runs fine for me.

You can't force the pool area to re route through the intermediate one, though it may become aware of it and use it after a period of time. The reason for doing it in the order I said, would be that if your distant device cannot include/exclude in its current position, then it should hopefully include and immediately use the intermediate device if it can.


Ok, I guess I'll temporarily install it in range. The range may still be marginal.

If it isn't reliable, first step in troubleshooting would be to determine if a hop is occurring from the intermediate device. I don't know of a way to do that.

Actually, just discovered the Z-wave stuff under settings. I think I can use that to see if hop is occurring.

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Yeah, I was just about to suggest that. The Z Wave Mesh Details app by @tony.fleisher is very handy and provides a lot of information at a glance. That would tell you the route of your devices, signal levels, route changes etc. It is well worth using.

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The docs reference a Z-Wave exclude button on the Z-wave details page. But, it doesn't seem to exist.

How do I get Hubitat in exclude mode? Do I use add new device for that?

I always go to add a new device > Z wave > then use the exclude option there. There was an exclude option previously on the z-wave details page but it provide any feedback to show that it had worked.

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Also, the RSSI feature looked great on the Z-wave details page. But, apparently it doesn't get updated if the device is completely out of range.

Apparently it uses the RSSI associated the last successful transaction.

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Update your platform version. It exists.


I have some devices that show 'unknown' for certain values, for some time after a reboot. They are devices that are primarily manually operated. If I switch them on/off with command from a dashboard or the device page and then refresh the Z Wave Details - the value comes through.

So, the device in the pool area ("Irrigation Boost Pump") was out of range until I added the intermediate device.

After adding the intermediate device, it's not only in range, but has an RSSI of 15 db! More than any other device!

Device details show that the signal is indeed "hopping" from the intermediate device ("Motion"):


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Thanks, I'll give that a try and report back.

(I did that not too long ago, so it must be a fairly recent change)

Yes, the latest release shows the Z-wave exclude button.


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