Adding time restrictions to notifications

I’ve added notifications to my tablet for contact sensors, motion sensors, etc. and it works great. However, I only want to be notified between two times (9pm - 6am) and I can’t get it to work. I know this is going to be a simple answer for my smarter and wiser Hubitat community. Thanks in advance.

If this is in rule machine you would want to use a conditional IF statement.

If time is between 9p and 6a then
Send whatever notifications you need
End if

What app (in the Hubitat admin UI) are you using to send this notification? The Notifications/Notifier app is a good choice, and I might assume it's what you're doing. If it's Rule Machine, the above should help. If you're using Notifier, it's a built-in option under the "Restrictions" section:

Note that if configured as stated, this will only send notifications between 9 PM and 6 AM. If something happened at, say, 8 PM and the condition resulting from that event is still true at 9 PM, nothing will happen because no event the app responds to occurred. The same would be true for the rule as written, though in that case you could make some modifications to make it work the way you want (but I'd say Notifier is easier to set up if you don't need that).