Adding new zigbee outlet to existing scene

I had ihome outlets set up to turn on through IFTTT as part of the scene. I want to get away from cloud based units so i purchased some Centralite Smart mini outlets to replace the ihome outlets. I removed the IFTTT applet and connected my new mini outlets to the HE hub. They show up under devices and they work.
Here's where i'm having trouble; I'm trying to add the new outlets to an existing scene but they don't show up under "Select switches for scene" or any of the other drop down menus.
So i tried to create a new scene and i had to update the Device list for the mini outlet to show up. I got excited and thought that was all i needed to do :smile:. However, when i went back to my existing scene there is no update device button and the mini outlet doesn't show :sob:.
Do I have to set up a brand new scene to include my new outlets?
If so, is there a short cut i could use to copy the existing scene and add the new outlets?


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