Adding motion sensors to ecobee

like the title really, i have an ecobee 3 lite and was wondering if i can add motion/ temp sensors that i all ready have in my home rather than buying the additional ecobee sensors?


If you use @storageanarchy Ecobee Suite you can emulate some of the built in Ecobee functions. What are you trying to do?

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I was under the impression that I could use sensors I all have instead of cutting ecobee sensors which will take a trading from all of them and help balance the temperature throughout the house.

Try using the built-in thermostat controller app. It is designed to control a thermostat using input from multiple temperature sensors. I do something very similar with my zwave thermostat, and it works really well.

I’m just unsure if this will work well with an ecobee, or if commands from ecobee’s cloud will override changes made by thermostat controller.

This helper in @storageanarchysuite may help:

  • ecobee Suite Thermal Comfort: Helper application that will adjust the setpoints of your thermostat's programs (aka climates or schedules) based on the scientific concept of thermal comfort, which seeks to employ the most efficient heating/cooling targets based on your home's environment and your selected targets, clothing, and activity levels. (You can learn more about thermal comfort here (Google search link).

His helpers use multiple sensors not just the ecobee sensors. For the Thermal Comfort for example I can select any humidity sensor on my Hubitat including my weather statation:

With the proper setting Ecobee can become a "dumb" thermostat. And then you can use whatever you like to control it.

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By the sounds of it i might be best to just buy their dedicated sensors, but thanks anyway

Huh - that would be opposite of the conclusion that I would have drawn from @ronv42's explanations.

To be clear, he pointed out that the @storageanarchy's ecobee suite permits the use of Hubitat-paired temperature sensors with the ecobee (the built-in Thermostat Controller app also permits this).

@ronv42 also corrected me by indicating that ecobees can be configured such that Hubitat-directed temperature settings will not be overridden by ecobee's cloud.

A few years ago after too many of their cloud servers repeatedly going down causing frustration, I took the other approach and bought a zigbee thermostat, doing away with the ecobee completely and using all the temp sensors already in hubitat.

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