Adding information in HSM Status tile

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I'm completely new to Hubitat, so please forgive me if I don't know the basic possibilities of the UI. I've configured HSM for intrusion, water and smoke alerts, and I've added an HSM Status tile to one of my dashboards. However, whenever I set the HSM to Armed Away, the HSM status tile is always green, with a checkmark, stating that it's "armed away". Even when an alert has gone off.

Now what I would expect for a status tile for a safety monitor is of course that it would reflect any alerts that has been activated. So e.g. if an intrusion is detected I would expect something like the color of the tile would change (or even flash) and there would also be textual feedback telling me that an intrusion has been detected, and possibly where.

I understand that some of this functionality has been put in the notifications that are sent to my mobile app, but to have a green tile with a checkmark just indicates that everything is ok. And so it will look while the local teenagers are stealing the family china, the main water pipe is filling the house with 3 feet of water, and the attic is on fire.

So now, did I completely misunderstand the functionality of the HSM Status tile? Can it actually do what I'm asking for? If not, is there a way for me to modify it to such a behavior? Any pointers where to read up on how I could do that would be greatly's a djungle in here :slight_smile:

Thanks for any tips and ideas!

P.S. As of right now I've set up three virtual switches that will reflect the status of each alarm type (through Rule Machine), but that just seems very messy, both in the setup and on the dashboard.


I set up a notification tile device and have HSM send all its notifications to it, and use the Attribute tile to display it.

If you want it the tile device driver is at:

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