Adding HomeSeer Z-stick+ as secondary

Is there some trick to getting the z-stick+ (HomeSeer) added as a secondary controller? I just enable zwave discovery and tell the zflash software to "add to/remove from existing network" but it never gets discovered by Hubitat.


I have joined an Aeon ZStick (gen5) and the Nortec USB to various ZWave networks using OZWCP or Zensys Tools, and yes, your method is what I used.

I have multiple hubs and I like taking backups now and again. The ZStick is particularly good at that because Aeon has Backup software. I have my ZStick join one Hubitat Hub's ZWave network and then use Aeon's backup software. I then have the ZStick join the 2nd Hubitat Hub and follow that up with another backup. I've done it many times, it's never been fun, but I've never ended a day without the backup I wanted :smiley:

Finally got it (the HomeSeer Zstick+) paired. A question comes up though. I moved the stick over to a Raspi, and installed Open-Zwave Control Panel (OZWCP) and noticed that it's saying the stick is the primary... is that expected? Anyone know?


Yes, mine too.

The HomeID seems accurate, the Type and the SUC Node seems incorrect to me.

The Logs show:
Received reply to GET_SUC_NODE_ID. Node ID = 1

And yet the SUC node is zero. Don't understand why. :frowning:

Mine is paired but it shows up as a device. Doesn't need a driver to work ?