Adding door lock codes from remote

You are going to have to have remote control via more than a dashboard if you are managing the property. So, you are going to need a VPN type solution one way or the other with Hubitat. You can't do everything from a dashboard.

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@Ryan780 I am starting to understand that would be the way it would need to be done right now (VPN Etc.) if I wanted to use HE for this. Until things change I think that may be more work then just sticking with Vera as I have used in the past or possibly using ST but I don't like the cloud reliance. Vera is like HE in that it will use the cloud but does not need it to operate. The other reason I like HE is because some of the properties would have Lutron lighting which HE integrates very well with but Vera does not at all. Decisions, decisions...

You can control the vera remotely without a VPN? That is a little scary. Let's be clear...we're not talking device control here but Admin control. Obviously device control with HE can be done remotely without a vpn.

You may not need the complexity of setting up a VPN if this VNC feature of rPi works as @Ryan780 says. Just VNC into your rPi desktop then use a browser to administer the HE as you are now on the LAN local to it.

And VNC has clients for every major platform including iOS and Android. So, you can remote in from your phone. Now, granted, you'll be trying to look at a full screen desktop on your phone, so it isn't pretty. The VPN option is MUCH better. But if you're not technically inclined the VNC option is easier.

Now, the Pi only has the Chromium browser and I've not extensively tested it with Hubitat but I can't see why any of the admin functions wouldn't work. it's chrome basically.

I just got this all setup for a Cabin were renting.

Let me know what you think. You can set the "Today" GV as a local variable instead and then use the 1st line of the rule to populate the date into the local variable.

If you need help setting this up let me know. Also the date has to be in the format shown on my dashboard to work.

Here are the screenshots of the Dashboards, Global variables, and Rules


Very nice! Good creative solution for this use case.



Thanks. I found an issue with RM4 conditions when comparing variables in conditions too.

See the + I had to put a space in the string variable then select the variable in order for the done button to appear.

Yeah, this bug has been squashed in upcoming 2.1.6 release.

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Very nice! It's great use of resources.

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Wow that's awesome!!

Thanks. It solved my problem without writing an app for now. And it allows you to do it from the Hubitat App anywhere.

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Wow! This is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing. Looking forward to giving this a go! I think it will do exactly what I need for now. That's why I love this community. Pretty much anything you could want to do with HE can be done with a bit of work.


I do have an update to the rules that I will post shortly. There was some issues that I have ironed out.

Here is the updated rule.

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Thanks. I am still pretty new to Hubitat and have one setup basic rules but nothing this elaborate. I have also never done anything with Global Variables either. Any chance you would have a guide on how to get started with setting this up? If not then just some tips on the steps or something. Sorry, just finding it a little daunting trying to get started. Thanks for any help.

PM me when you have time and we can work on this


Thanks. Will do that!

Hi All. I am fairly new and am looking just to view/update/add/delete lock codes remotely without using VPN, etc.

Can anyone direct me to a post similar to this one? Or can this do what I am looking for but with the addition of dates?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi, I have multiple AirBNBs and intend to open more. All I want from my Hubitat(s) is to sync with my AirBNB or TurnoverBNB calendar and automatically add and delete lock codes based on the renter's last four digits of their phone number, location specific. That is the primary feature I require. I also need the ability to turn on lights and set the thermostat to off when the properties aren't in use, or have the thermostat turn on early when guests are coming so they arrive at a warm or cooled house depending on location and time of year.

I do of course require manual control in case of any issues I may need to respond to.

Is the Hubitat capable of all of this? I am expecting my first hubitat in the mail today and after reading this thread am wondering if I should have gone with Smarthings. I can't even believe there's a discussion around using DynDNS and VPNs to gain remote access. In 2020? That's disgusting.