Adding actions or delaying individual alert devices?


This is what I want to do.

HSM is armed:
Intrusion gets detected -> a notification is sent to my phone and an indoor siren turns on (soft alarm) -> if I don't disarm HSM within one minute -> more outdoor sirens should start

It would be easy if I could simply add an action with a delay but HSM won't let us add actions or add a delay to individual alert devices.

I could drop HSM and set up what I want as a customizable rule but then I'd lose the HSM status (armed/disarmed etc).

So is there any way to add an action to HSM?


No, but you can add an action for HSM using Rule Machine. The rule would be triggered by HSM alerting, and then do whatever additional steps and delays you want. So you get the best of both -- HSM status with RM actions.


Wow, that's awesome. Didn't know you can use HSM alert status as a trigger.
Thanks so much.