Adding a new users

OK, having an issue with adding new users. The on-line documentation says to go to settings>users but I do not see anything on my hub interface under settings about adding new users.

Also, my wife has a Hubitat account and I added her on the mobile app, but she only shows up as "guest" and I do not see any way to upgrade her to admin.

Can anyone steer me to the right places to do this? Thanks!

Settings>>Hub Login Security>>Add User button

Hub login security is distinct from hub portal user account.

OP appears to be referring to the latter.

Go to, login, click “registered hubs,” then click on your hub’s “hub details” button, and from there you should be able to change her role to admin.

That’s the process outlined in the hub documentation:

Thanks, I did exactly as you outlined. It will only let me add her as a guest. There is no way to modify her role.

Before making the post, I did follow the directions you also provided in hub documentation. Again, I can only add her as a guest.