Adding a mode between sunset and night

I’ve been using mode manager and it’s been great having some success with. Right now my Evening mode starts 45 minutes before sunset and night at 10p. The problem i have is that evening is too dark for active life so i want to tweak it.

How would i do something like this:

Active Evening: Sunset
Evening: 8p
Night: 10p

My concern is the summer where sunset is after 8p. So i wouldn’t ever want Active Evening set after 8p. Would i need a RM rule?

You can choose options in Mode Manager to do "earlier of two times" or "later of two times," and one of those times can be (actually, has to be) sunrise or sunset, with or without an offset. It seems to me like if you choose "Active evening" to be "Earlier of two times" and do 8 PM or sunset, then it should do what you want without conflicting with "Evening" mode. I'd really do something like 7:59 with this or 8:01 with evening just to avoid conflicts when sunset is later than 8 PM, but if you're OK with that, I think you can get away without using Rule Machine.

I've been thinking about similar issues lately after having moved my lighting rules onto my C-7 hub, so will be interested to hear other peoples ideas. I also have an Evening mode which I switch to around Sunset. I then switch to Night mode based on a manual switch I flick when I go to bed.

Could you adjust the lighting and other settings in Evening mode to make it more light, but dimmer than daytime lighting? I believe some people transition their lighting over a period of time, which is what I am interested in pursuing. Could you introduce a lux sensor to assess the light levels outside and use that to trigger a slow transition of your lighting in some way? Admittedly the inclusion of the sunset condition does achieve this in most instances.


I have six modes and I had them set up as follows:

Dawn 15 mins before sunrise
Day 30 mins after sunrise
Dusk 15 mins before sunset
Evening 45 mins after sunset or 9pm
Night 10pm or if bedtime rule is run
Midnight well self explanatory

I originally had evening triggering at 8pm but I ran into the same issue that in the summer duck would run into evening.

I ended up putting an inovelli 4in1 in a window facing south and logged the lux for a few day and now trigger all my mode transitions of the lux readings except for night and midnight.

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Thanks for the help. Got this going with the between 2 times. I may do something with a lux in the future, but don't have a great spot for it for WAF.

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Lol. Mine is at the top of a window behind the blind so my wife didn’t even see it until she was cleaning the windows. But I totally get it.