Adding a C7--problems?

In my home, I have a C5 hub with a lot of devices on it for my home--all of which are working fine.

In my business store, I have an ST hub with just a few devices on it for controlling them with my older Android phone. When I migrated to the new ST app, the app is not compatible with my older phone & ST's answer is to buy a new phone, which I don't want to do.

I'd like to buy a new C7 & put it at my home, replacing the C5...then move the older C5 to my store & replace the ST hub with the HE C5.

This is what I want to do, but I've never replaced a HE hub before & am dreading the change-over process with the C5 & C7. I don't dread the switchover from ST to HE--I'll just simply delete the few devices & pair them to HE C5 since it's just a few devices.

I do dread moving all my home stuff from a C5 to a C7 as I don't know what is involved in replacing a C5 with a C7.

Thus my question: Is there an app or easy method of moving all my home devices & apps from the C5 to the C7 or will I have to delete all my devices on the C5 & plug in C7 & start all over??

Again, I've never changed hubs like some of you have so I'm not familiar with changing hubs out. TY!

Atm. No. The hubitat staff have announced a soon to come hub protection service that will provide the ability to seamlessly transfer hubs. No date announced. By my gut says very very soon.

Until then the only way is to transfer a copy of the c5 database to the c7 but all devices will need to be repaired to the new c7 hub.

Thanks for the reply...I was afraid there was no easy way to do the task.

I think I'll hold off on buying a C7 until an easy way comes open for it. I do have a Wink subscription that's just for Schlage locks that I can move the business devices to and ditch ST until HE comes up with a hub protection service as you say. Thanks again!

To add to the above, while you'll still have to re-pair the devices (the Hub Protection Service will, among other things, apparently take your network "IDs" along so your devices won't care and everything will just work), you won't necessarily have to re-do everything. With the C-5 database restored to the C-7 (or any database restored to any hub), Zigbee devices will be recognized by their "long"/MAC address, so Hubitat will know they're the same devices, and they'll fall right back into place--no need to re-do any apps (except you'll probably want to open any Groups from Groups and Scenes that use Zigbee group messaging and just hit "Done"). This is trickier for Z-Wave because if you pair the device, the hub will consider it a new device, but you can use this trick published by staff to manually swap the old and new devices and thus migrate your Z-Wave network that way:

Given both of these facts, this means you'll only have to re-pair the actual devices and do a tiny swap on the device side for Z-Wave. All a lot easier than totally starting over, though that's still an option if you prefer. :slight_smile: (And still probably easier than re-pairing all your devices and swapping out the "old" device in any apps that use it with the "new" device, which again should only be necessary for Z-Wave, but that's still an option if you don't want to mess with the trick above. It might actually be the only way if you pair something with S2 or S0 that wasn't paired that way before, but I'm not 100% sure about that.)

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I'd do a search on your new devices in the forum on how they've paired them with the C7 just so you'll have an idea of any issues you might encounter. In my observation there seems to be more issues with devices with the newer security features. I'm comparing only to my experience from an early installation of ST with devices mostly older models.

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