Adding 2nd User Account Fails - Error No Hubs Found To Claim

I am trying to create a 2nd user account and not having much success. I did look through other posts and saw some related threads however; unlike those threads, uninstalling the mobile app, rebooting, and re-installing the client only fixes this problem temporarily.

When the mobile app is restarted the following error continues to occur until the mobile app is deleted, re-installed, and credentials are re-entered. Once the error occurs launching the app just continues to display the error. No chance to login any longer. Just the error message.

Here is what I did:

Step 01 - Using the site, I created an account supplying new email account ID and password. Retrieved code as directed by the web app and provided the code. Account created successfully.

Step 02 - Deleted, re-downloaded and installed the Hubitat mobile app. Supplied new user credentials and password. The following dialogue box occurs. Clicked on the link.

Step 03 - Next, hub selection dialogue occurs. Clicked on "primary hub".

Step 04 - Access to hub successful. Unfortunately once app is swiped away the error in step 01 reoccurs every time until process above is repeated.

What is also strange is that if you click on Next vs. the link in step two above, the following dialogue box is issued and you can actually add (or erase) the text contained within. There is no opportunity to continue using the Next option.

I am honestly not sure where I am messing here. After multiple variations of attempts I cannot get the app to stay "initialized" after it is wiped away on the mobile app.

I have also tried this on two different devices. The iPhone 13 Pro and an Apple iPad Pro with the same results.

As always appreciate any help I can get here.


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