"Added temperature and humidity reporting options to Sonoff Zigbee Temperature/Humidity Sensor." is not working

Apologies for bumping this. This was a very interesting read. Are you still getting the expected behavior on platform I have two of these sensors (testing before deploying the other 7) that are not respecting the reporting frequency after following the re-pair procedure. I do get logs indicating the reporting frequency settings were updated once I re-pair, but am still only getting reports based on the default deltas (0.5C/1rh).

I'm on currently. My sensors are still reporting correctly, but I've not tried or needed to re-pair them for quite a while.

Thanks. Do you mind sharing the modified driver you used that reports the configuration from the sensor?

How can we utilize the built in driver for the SNZB-02 to determine if its still online? I have been using the OOHLA Labs driver, presence detection. I much prefer the built in driver. However, I do note that these tend to randomly go offline, and I have a notifier based on presence. Does the build in driver have a way to determine if the SNZB-02 is still reporting?

I am on the most current version, spent all night till I found this thread. Pulled the battery, let it sit for a few min, hovered over SAVE PREF and has been working like a charm all day. No more issues and I can see constant activity on my dashboard on my tablet. This is a very obscure fix for a cheap knock off bit of kit but I needed 8 sensors and I went cheap. They are all working and reporting now in real time with no issues. Sending the config during wake up time worked like a charm. Thank you for the effort and sharing this with us.

I couldn't change the interval values. I could when I did you said, so so thanks.

There is a option to change the interval values for sonoff SNZB-02 etc.
You blow on the sensor. Increase the temp or humidity. The device will start comminication. You can change the interval values at the moment. I tried, this is successful.