"added security"? Is this a joke?

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Is this post a Joke?

This was discussed at length when it came out in 2.2.8.


Well, I did not see any announcement when I installed 2.2.8, but just saw it in the announcement for 2.3.0.

A link to that discussion would have been more helpful...

You can setup your own vpn and it works without any additional cost.


Yes, if I wanted to expose my complete network, that would be correct. For this simple task, something called "Port forwarding" has been implemented.

?¿? Don't remember seeing anything in the 2.3.0 Release Notes that mentions security...

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It showed on the admin screen that with 2.3.0, no access outside the LAN would be possible anymore unless you pay for the service.


Port forwarding allows anyone access if they find it. You can setup a VPN without exposing everything.


Regardless, all of this has been discussed months ago and isn't likely to change at this point. Suggest we close this thread as nothing new (or good) will come of it...


Here is one


No, not if I have configured my firewall to only allow certain remote IPs through. And even if so, I can enable/disable port forwarding in my router remotely, so it could simply be enabled when I need access and disabled when done.
It is not your responsibility to tell me how to secure my network. The sole valid reason for not allowing remote access outside the LAN is to force people into buying the remote access "solution" you offer. Don't try to BS the user base - there are people out here that know "a little bit" about IT. If there is indeed a technical reason that your application would not work via a port forwarded remote access I would be very much interested in learning about the reason for that.

@bobbyD Please close this thread.


Hmm - a greedy and stubborn seller / developer is your justification to end a discussion? I don't agree actually.

Why the aggressive attitude?
As said before this has been discussed extensively when it came out in 2.2.9 as WAS mentioned in the release notes of 2.2.9.


Well as others mentioned this changed a few months ago and I doubt very seriously it will change back. You are correct you can take steps with port forwarding to secure your network. However, most people don't know a little bit about IT and the developers decided it was too great a risk to leave it as an option. You can assume their reason, but it is what it is. You can accept it or move on to something else. That is probably your only two options. I don't speak for HE so they may have another option for you, but I would be surprised.

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The request is to close this DUPLICATE discussion... move your advice to that topic, please.

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This was actually requested many times over the years by our users. In fact we received many such requests following this post:

As others have mentioned, the topic was covered numerous times in the past.


Yes, looks like it is time to move on.

It is not duplicate - but the HE team clearly does rather censor posts like this versus discussing it.

Greed has been the end for many companies and you are going down the wrong path if you believe that limiting hub functionality to push your subscription service will work / will be accepted by the community. Look at the Slingbox disaster when they went down the same path. Not a good ending.

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