Added power monitoring, now dont understand why switch isnt turned off

Hi all,

Was using a simple time of day rule to change how our kitchen kettle works, now have invested in a power montiored plug.

Before i just had it set to check for time of day and then announce on certain device(s) as to not wake other members of the house.

Now that i would like a smarter rule where it doesnt just wait using a delay (with average boiling time) and uses power monitoring.

Just got a Samsung ST 2019 plug this morning and ammended my rule. All i did was added the beginning if statement and changed the initial delay from the boil time, to a time that the kettle would defintely be drawing power in its boiling phase.

The problem is that now introducing this step the "Samsung Kitchen Kettle" switch does not get turned off and i dont understand why. Before adding the power IF statement it worked fine.

Turn on logging for the rule and then open the logs and run it. If you turn on all logging options it will step through everything and you should see what is or is not happening.

Ok thanks, will have a look when i get home.