Add Xbox as a device and notify if turned on

Unfortunately, I tried a local IP address and I saw this in the logs - I wanted to see if would work myself:

INVALID Web Pinger isn't an option. I actually use my Harmony to track usage of my TV, Xbox and Fire TV as @april.brandt described. Give the Web Presence a go and see if that works - more likely.

UPDATE: My bad - had to add the http:// at the start - I have a successful ping:

This would work well for your use case as you can control a virtual switch and react accordingly with notifications...

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Might choose a nonstandard way of thinking on this. What about the controller charger? I could think of a few creative ways to notify you if the controller is not where it's supposed to be as a last resort.

Man Web Pinger gets me SUPER close. So I'm messing with it right now and it does see the xbox IP. Notifications even work. However, this just tells me once the IP is no longer available. I need to see as soon as it's available. The current function though does give me ideas for other use cases.

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but isn't the XBOX online even in rest mode. so that it can download updates and what not? it should Always be pingable whether its being used or not. so all this will tell you is that it is online. not that its being used.

Yes and no. It is on but even with instant on, it canโ€™t be pinged when turning it off. I JUST got something working using Web Pinger and tested how the ping works. When the Xbox is off, I get a notification that the Xbox is not ok because the ping resulted in nothing. When itโ€™s turned on, the ping is a success and tells me the Xbox has been turned on.


There hasnโ€™t been much integration with Xbox live. A couple posts have surfaced with initiating a call to power on an Xbox but nothing really surrounding the activity state.

You have many options as discussed above. I find the harmony solution spot on IF you are using a harmony for your environment.

The easiest way would be to buy an inexpensive power monitor outlet and use RM to see when the Xbox is powered on. I have mine connected to a Zooz power strip with the Xbox in low state. When powered on it is very power hungry and registers significantly higher powered on for gaming than when it does updates in the background. I have not fully monitored this so you could get false positives if the Xbox doors power up for updates.

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