Add Smoke Alarm device type to Notifications App?

From a thread where this came up.

For someone who (for whatever reason) chooses not to use HSM and just wants a notification if a Smoke Alarm is activated - could that type of device be added to the Notification App? I don't see it on the current ( list.



Should probably also add CO detection. Capabilities:



Yes, good idea!

And the Natural Gas sensor . . .

I would like notifications based on an air quality measurement. Ideally we would be able to create notifications for any driver in use on our hub. Why limit our options?

I would also like to see smoke/co options added to the notifications app.

Mine just went off today (false alarm) and I realized I didn't have notifications setup :frowning:

+1 from me too.

I'm using Notifier to send text and email (via Twilio and SendGrid drivers) for water leaks, and would like to do the same for smoke detectors. I wrote a basic rule app to handle it but it doesn't repeat. I had to keep doing a "wait until" rule about 10 times to simulate a repeat. HSM doesn't work either as that doesn't repeat notifications. I believe I could get HSM to throw a virtual switch which would then work with Notifier, but that's a long way around. Why not just add smoke detector to Notifier?

Thanks for the consideration. As someone who runs an online SaaS company, I understand the effort you guys put in and how many feature requests can pile up by users.

Recently I just added a Z-Wave Plus Ecolink Firefighter Smoke/CO Audio Detector (detects and discriminates between US standard smoke and CO alarm sounds) and set up HE and Pushover Notification for each type of alarm. Since the US fire code specifies that all detectors need to be interconnected, the Firefighter can be placed next to the detector which is closest to your hub for reliability of the Z-wave signal. Purchased device for $35 on Amazon (apparently Zigbee version does not work with HE but Z-wave Plus has a HE driver) which is much cheaper than having Zigbee or Z-wave smart detectors (I have ten detectors in my home, which have to be replaced every ten years). Only downside for some may be that unlike individual smart detectors, this set up can only notify you if smoke or CO alarm has been alarmed, not the location of the specific detector alarmed. Device is relatively small and discrete (a “puck” around 3 inches in diameter). WAF has been very good and so far has been very very reliable in repeated testing. Due to Z-wave Plus, battery life should be excellent (reportedly 5 years).
I realize a bit off topic but just a suggestion for an affordable alternative until a notification type can be added (especially if you have a house full of “dumb” detectors that you want to make “smart”). Hope this helps.

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