Add 'Room' to Device data and allow filtering

The more devices I add it would be good to be able to group these by room. I already do this via the naming convention, but it would be good to be able to add them to a virtual room and then filter each room. - I don't think this can be done at present unless i'm missing something


Seems it's not just me who wants it.

I don't know if this helps, but i installed the groups and scenes app and setup a group per room and added the devices in said room to that group so I can control them as a group vs individually.. I even created a group for my "upstairs" and "downstairs" so i can control floors. When using the groups app it creates a virtual device that you can add it to your dashboards or to rules, etc.. Again, not sure if this is what you're looking for but I thought i'd mention the way I group them.


Yeah I use the groups and scenes app as well. It's less about automation and more about maintenance and settings, if I'm in the devices section I'm forever scrolling to find the device

That's fine if you only have bulbs, switches or dimmers in your room. But as soon as you start adding tv's, media players, locks, thermostats, etc...

I definitely agree with the OP. Being able to sort your devices into rooms can make finding them much simpler when you have 100s of devices in your device list. I suppose you could probably make a dashboard for each room and put the devices in there for control. Kind of a clunky solution but it would sort of work.

AH.. ok.. I get you.. I can see what you mean by having a huge devices list and grouping in that would be nice. I guess I never thought about it as I don't spend any time in there once the device is setup. I know maybe 2 times i've been lazy and just hit ctrl+F (win) and searched for the name, but that's just me being lazy LOL..