Add Notes field for devices

I would love a notes field in device properties like the one that exists in rule machine for rules. When viewing a device, Hubitat does not give any indication which rules the device is used by. A notes field would allow me to document where the device is used and where it is located. The location info is more useful for plug-in devices that may move around or only be put into use seasonally. It's much easier to make notes than to try and remember these details. Another nice-to-have would be showing a list of all rules that a device is part of when viewing the device properties. TIA.


While I like your idea generally, in terms of your comment about

There is an Is Used By section at the very bottom of the Device Edit page that should give you that information, with a link to the rule


You are correct. Dang, I looked twice and completely missed that.

I would like the notes field to record what kind of batteries the device uses (for battery powered devices) and the last time the battery was replaced. At the moment I keep this information in an Excel spreadsheet.


Maybe try the recently added Rooms functionality and assign each device to a room.

I do have devices in rooms, but if I have multiple devices of the same type in the same room, it would still be nice to have a notes field to allow a more descriptive explanation of where the device is actually located.