Add Modes to Dashboard

How do I add the (default) Modes tile to an existing dashboard? When I create a tile, I don't see Modes in the list of available devices.

Now if I create a new dashboard with all of my devices automatically added, a Modes tile is included in my dashboard.

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When adding a new tile select no device, and then use Template = Mode.

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Thanks for that question! I also needed the answer. :slight_smile:

Such a wonderfully concise and yet non-obvious solution, lol!

Also note that the resulting tile can only be titled "Modes" and there is no way (that I know of) to rename it.

@bravenel I noticed that after changing Mode using a tile on Dashboard, that the new mode is not reflected in the Apps section of the hub UI. I had to click on "Mode Manager AWAY" and then back out in order for it to read "Mode Manager DAY".
Is that to be expected?

Most of the UI are static pages. Mode Manager doesn't update that display dynamically either. That could be added to Mode Manager, but the Apps page would still be static. The original design of the UI didn't include the display of things like this, and it was done sort of ad hoc.

We intend to get to some of this UI work soon, but no promises as to exactly when.


As always, I love what you do, and don't ever mean to ask for the moon, so thanks for explaining.

Though I do still stand by my previous 'Request' to place the current Mode name in parentheses, so that it reads "Mode Manager (Away)" in keeping with how the rest of the UI is formatted. Same for "Z-Wave Poller (Polling)", if these are straightforward alterations you can make.

Like I said, this was all ad hoc. Not going to be putting energy into making it all the same. What is needed is an app status column where this stuff is displayed -- but that's a significant change to the platform, and won't happen quickly.


These displays are accomplished by changing the label of the app. That's a total kludge -- but it's what there was to work with at the time, and it more or less works. Biggest issue is lack of dynamic page display, so it's never to be counted on just glancing at it. We didn't appreciate the need for a dynamic app status display on the Apps page, among several other things that are needed there. Organic growth of the platform leaves you sometimes a bit out on a limb.


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