Add lock action to a scene

I created a scene called "lockdown" which basically shuts everything in my home down. I would also like it to lock all of my locks, but don't see a way to do this in the scene builder. Is there a work around for this?

How are you activating your 'Lockdown' scene? There are several ways to accomplish this. I have my locks exposed to Alexa and created an Alexa routine so that when I tell her "Goodnight", she activates a virtual 'Goodnight' switch that pauses some motion-based lighting rules, and locks the doors. If you do not use voice to activate, you could just create a rule in Rule Machine that triggers off the scene activation switch and locks the doors.

Tip: I've found when sending commands to multiple locks, whether through Alexa or RM, having a few second delay or pause between commands makes everything run smoother.

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I think I figured a way. I set my scenes up as buttons on the dash board as opposed to scenes. Then made a rule that said if that dashboard button was pushed to lock the door. (Duplicated for my arrive home scene to unlock the door). Seems to workout alright thus far.
Thanks for tips. Still trying to figure out the amazi g amount of trigger options in RM. Quite overwhelming as a Wink refugee...

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