AD2Pi + HSM?

Hey folks. I just installed the AD2Pi today. It’s hooked up to my Vista 20p alarm with all wired sensors (doors, windows, glass breaks, smoke, etc). I set it up to get notifications in HomeKit via the Homebridge and it’s working flawlessly. I also plan to write a small app that arms it automatically few minutes after being disarmed.

My question is, is there any benefit to actually integrating it with HSM? The Vista already provides security so I am not sure if there is any benefit. I played around with it but it seems like most of the features would be redundant. Thoughts?

I have them integrated (just making sure, you are aware this already exists, right? (GitHub - nutechsoftware/alarmdecoder-smartthings: AlarmDecoder webapp support for the SmartThings home automation platform.)

My Vista provides security but it can't do everything I can with HSM. For example, if the alarm goes off I have my HSM set to turn on a bunch of lights -- if someone is in my house in the middle of the night I want to see him! It also tells all of my security cameras to begin recording so hopefully I catch him on film.

Yes, I’m using the drivers/app you linked.

Thanks for the tip. Turning all lights on is not a bad idea. The 3 sirens I have are unbelievably loud, so combining that with all lights at full blast it might be even a better deterrent. Thanks again.

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