Acurite Access and Acuparse

I've been using my Hubitat for a few years now, and have an Acurite Atlas weather station that reports back to an Acurite Atlas. I have a virtual machine running Acuparse software ( that's similar I think to WeeWX. I've never tried WeeWX but it seems pretty complicated, Acuparse is very easy and is written for the Acurite Access. You can access the frontend for my weather data at I really like the simplicity of the data presentation.

My question is this: Can a device driver be written for Acuparse? I don't have the technical know-how to do it myself, or else I would. The Acuparse system gets its data directly from the Acurite Access in JSON, and I'm thinking it would be pretty simple to query the Acuparse server to get live weather data.

I don't know if a hubitat driver can query another data source, or if the other data source would need to send data to the hubitat. The extent of my knowledge is "surely there's a way to do this."

Looks like it utilizes MQTT, so you might be able to use that avenue with the device.

I've googled your term but I'm still not sure what that means. Is there a basic framework for an MQTT driver where attributes can be defined and whatnot?

MQTT is one of many messaging frameworks that are utilized to exchange data between disparate systems. There several implementations of it on the HE platform (Search results for 'mqtt' - Hubitat) so you may be able to get some interest/help from those in the communitty that utilize it; i.e. it may be one way to reach your goal quicker.

This would be a easy driver to write..... however I already have written the weewx driver to write out a json file which my HE driver pulls the data from already many many months ago. Weewx offers a much better layout using skins. See my WS Nettleton District Weather Station, Spokane, Washington Weather Conditions

I have my acuparse push data to hubitat via the MakerAPI and curl (to a few virtual sensors).

I poked at the firmware with the developer of acuparse and found some interesting stuff but the one thing that we cannot change is the 5 minute update.

If you are fine with that, you can create an automation on your acuparse hosting environment that will push read data to hubitat.

I use it mostly for Christmas inflatable stuff automation. If it’s windy it turns them off and back on when not windy.

Also I gather temperature and humidity from it …

Any chance you can write a small how-to on what you are doing using the MakerAPI-
The MakerAPI seems to want to do a GET the data itself but the AcuParse upload section seems to want to Send the data someplace.

Acuparse cannot update faster than the built in acurite refresh time of 5 minutes.

It gives you plenty of time to read the acuparse interface and parse the json output.

You can then store the various values in variables and push them to your hubitat via curl, to a MakerApi virtual device of your choice.

All this in a bash file, ran by a crontab entry, every minute.

The logic is like this:

Read the acuparse values via json, store values of interest (temperature, humidity, etc), send the values to hubitat to marching virtual sensors, repeat, 1 minute later :blush:

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