Actual DIM level vs displayed level

So my dimmers I got work great on my LED bulbs, but only about 20-60% is useable with anything over 60% being full on. Not sure about anyone else but this really annoys me :slight_smile:

Has anyone attempted to solve this within a driver? In one I used when the light was set to 99% it would convert that to show 100% but I believe it was setting the actual dimmer to 99% still as that is its max setting. So I am thinking with some formulas that I have yet to work out, I could take the 0-100% range being shown and then convert that to a tighter range (user specified) that actually gets sent to the dimmer.

Does this seem possible? Anyone know of examples where this has been done?

Inovelli has an option to set the max and min values in their red series dimmer drivers. They do exactly what you describe and work very well.

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Thanks I will check it out for an example, thats what I was hoping for in case I get stuck. Seems like it should be possible since the Zooz driver I use (I just released yesterday) already "tricks" it into showing 100% instead of 99%

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