Activate lighting based on mode

In mode manager, it looks like the only way the lights will change is if the mode changes. But If I change the lighting, I cannot figure out a way to “return” it to mode-based level. So for example if I increase lighting based on motion or manually change it, returning it to previous state seems impossible. Or am I missing something. Can we have some way to “re-activate lighting based on mode”? Like assign it to a switch or something so we could use it from RM or motion lighting app?

There's a few different ways to do that. The easiest is to set your motion rules to use the capture/restore functions. You can have your motion rules first capture the state of the lights it is about to change and then rather than turning them off, restore them to the captured settings after the motion inactivity timeout has lapsed.If the lights were off, it will turn them back off. If they were already on, then it will return them to those settings.

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Oh interesting. I wasn’t aware of that function. I’ll give that a shot, thanks.

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My pleasure. Good luck!