Activate a routine at one hour just by pressing a button

Hello, thank you very much first.
I ask for a little patience, I am totally new to Hubitat and I am not English speaking, so I have to translate many things little by little and it is costing me even the most basic. I don't know anything about programming either so it looks like I'm getting into trouble buying HE...
I'm sure what I want to do (and it's being very difficult for me) is tremendously simple, but I can't find a way.
I want to be able to activate some lights at a certain time but only if I press a button ...
Example: when I go to bed I press a button so that the next day in the morning at 6:00 the bathroom light comes on, so that when I get up it is already on ... But what if I don't press the button again in that day, the light no longer turns on until the button is pressed again...
Too badly explained?

  • Press: in the morning the light turns on.
  • I do not press: in the morning the light doesn't turn on.

If my doubt is too simple, I apologize..
Thank you very much again. It is a great community always ready to help.

How about something very simple in Rule Machine like this?


Oh my God, it was really easy ... I'm very sorry but I was unable to see the condition. It happens to me with many of them, I am just beginning.
Now I can try to program an NFC tag and when I go to bed, It turns off the Wi-Fi, turns on the phone alarm, puts "do not disturb" mode, turns the bathroom light on 50% at 5:30 (Yes, too early :sweat_smile:) and turns on the coffee pot ... And that's thanks to you.
Thank you very much


Happy to help!

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Welcome to the community !!
Many incredible possibilities await your discovery.

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