Curious to know if anyone, like me, is still using actiontiles? I disconnected my ST hub a long time ago but something about the clean look of AT that keeps me with it ....


Since I have only about 25% of my home converted from SmartThings to Hubitat I still have Action Tiles as the main interface and then for the rooms and items I converted I have links to the the Hubitat tiles. I have made the tiles in Hubitat look close to the ones in ActionTiles by size and color, etc. but the icons is what I miss. But that is just a small "nit" since everything running on Hubitat for me is local except for my Ecobee.


Would you mind sharing a screenshot ?


I still use ActionTiles as well, with shadowed virtual sensors and switches. The AT interface (along with the infinitely customizable voice reports of AskAlexa) would sell me on ST if I wasn't already a user-- assuming it all just doesn't go away as the changes to the ST platform unfold. I've got a couple of HE dashboards setup but they are so homely and underfeatured in comparison, the maintenance of another system is worth it to me.

As for AskAlexa, maybe I haven't been keeping up; is there anything that can compare to its ad hoc query capabilities in the HE ecosystem?


I don't have all the colors down yet but here is the Hubitat dashboard for my office:

And here is the original one from Actiontiles: