ActionTiles & Hubitat Variables

I'm working on creating an ActionTiles dashboard to replace a Dashboard I've been running for a while. Problem I've run into is that with Dashboard, I can use a variable tile to display some log information. Can I display Hubitat variables in a tile with ActionTiles?

I'm not sure if the content of a variable is viewable natively in a tile (someone will advise no doubt). However if you just go to the Settings > Hub Variables page and click 'Create' next to your variable, the device that creates should be viewable in a tile. I don't use ActionTiles but they're certainly viewable that way with Hubitat Dashboard for Android and SharpTools.

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What @johnwill1 is describing are called Connectors. These are virtual devices connected to Hub Variables, with many different types available. When the Hub Variable value changes, the connector device changes accordingly, and vice versa. This allows the Hub Variable, by proxy of the Connector, to appear in ActionTiles as a device. For example, a Boolean Hub Variable could be a switch, a number variable could be a dimmer, etc.

I think (from memory) to get my Hub Variables (strings) to be visible in the SharpTools authorisation list, I needed to add the Connector (as otherwise a hub variable won't appear in that authorisation list). Then in SharpTools when adding the tile I set the layout to 'Hero Attribute', edit the tile and set the Primary Attribute to 'Variable'. That then displays the string in the tile. I would assume there is some similar method in Action Tiles.

The Hero Attribute Tile is unique to SharpTools. ActionTiles expects the device to be one of their supported types (eg. Switch, Lock), but they don't have an option for mapping in arbitrary attributes like the Hero Attribute tile in SharpTools does.

Hubitat String variables can only map to the 'Variable' connector type which is not supported in ActionTiles. As Bruce alluded to, other variable types like Booleans can map to 'Switch' connectors which should work across almost any dashboard.

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Well that's certainly a plus for SharpTools @Josh :+1:. As I use dashboards for information as well as device control, I'd be scuppered without the ability to display string variables in a tile, as that's how I get notifications and event reminders onto the dashboard.

Thank you everyone, I am familiar with Connectors. It's the lack of Action Tiles supporting a String type as Josh mentions that doesn't allow me to do what I want.

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