Action: Toggle Color Temperature and level not setting levels

I'm using the Button Device as my trigger and I've set one of the buttons to Action: Toggle Color Temperature and level
I looked at the event and its firing (the light is also turning on) but the level doesn't get set.

Using the Set color temp and level action works fine, it's just the toggle action that isn't setting the level.

This is with a Hue white ambiance bulb

Is the Hue bulb directly paired to Hubitat or are you using it via a Hue Bridge integration? (I'm asking because I've always had bad luck with Zigbee bulbs directly paired to Hubitat, sometimes needing to send commands a couple times in a row for them to "get" everything.)

Normal hue integration

I basically ended up creating four actions to do the whole if else clause to turn on and off. That seems to work so I think itā€™s the toggle color temp action thatā€™s broken.

I can reproduce this. With the following rule:

...the level (100% in my screenshot) never gets set, only the on/off state and CT (if being set to on), both of which work correctly. I do not believe it is a problem with the Hue Bridge integration, as I swapped it out a device I had with a custom driver where I can see what is getting run (my own Hue Bridge integration), and all I see is either an off() (if toggling to off) or a setColorTemperature(5000) (if toggling on). A setLevel() of any kind is nowhere to be found.

@bravenel, looks like this might be a Rule Machine bug?

Yes indeed. Spelling error. Will be fixed in the next release.

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This bug has been fixed in Release