Action Tiles for Hubitat

When I used Smartthings, I used Actiontiles to monitor the status of all myur batteries, lighting, switches, etc. When I migrated over to Hubitat recently, I learned that Actiontiles is working on a simlar setup for Hubitat. They recently released Actiontiles in beta. I jumped on and found that it works almost identically to the interface with Smartthings.

With my Actiontiles panels I can monitor the status of everything whether I am at home or elsewhere. The panels display in a browser window, so it does not matter whether you are on a PC, Mac, Android phone or tablet, or IOS device. The panels may look different due to the differences in screen size, shape and resolution, but all the information will be there.

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I also used ActionTiles on Smartthings and was pretty happy with it. Since it wasn't supported on Hubitat, I started using and learning about the Hubitat dashboard functionality, which also works in a web browser. When ActionTiles became available on Hubitat in beta, I started building a few panels. What I've found is that, at least for me, I can build everything I need with the native dashboard support. Also, it's all local vs. having a dependency on the ActionTiles cloud. Works for me.


Being local does have some security advantages.

However, the cloud interface of Actiontiles is advantageous if you need to check on things when you are away from home. For example, if a trusted tradesman or neighbor needed access to my home while I was away, I could use Actiontiles to unlock the front door. Although many of my lights go on and off at specific times of the day, I could also manually activate specific lights using the Actiontiles panel.

Thus, each system has its own advantages. Since I am already comfortable using Actiontiles and the beta version became available shortly after I migrated to Hubitat, I decided to stick with Actiontiles. It gives me a way to access my hub remotely without having to pay a monthly subscription fee for remote access. I presume Actiontiles will continue its one-time payment policy when the Hubitat version is finalized.

You are aware, aren't you, that Hubitat Dashboard also allows cloud interface to hub. And that it is free. You don't need remote access to use it. It is available both in our mobile app, and as stand alone cloud dashboards.

Remote access is only needed if you want to access the admin web ui from outside your LAN.


Thanks for that info.

I never really explored the Hubitat Dashboard since I was already accustomed to doing things in Actiontiles. For those who have never used Actiontiles, Dashboard sounds like a great option. If Actiontiles had not released their Hubitat interface in beta, I would have learned how to set things up in Dashboard.

I'm an old user of AT and like the appearance of AT, but I also like having my dashboard local; what is the advantage (if any) having AT connected to Hubitat?

I also installed the AT App and have an AT license, although I'm not sure how to integrate them both so AT shows as a dashboard option other than going to Apps, click AT and signing in.


There are advantages and disadvantages to Actiontiles. It is a cloud-based app, so that means it will not function if you lose Internet access as I did for over an hour this morning.

However, being cloud based means that you can easily review device status when you are away from home. I can turn lights on or off, lock and unlock the front door, and check on sensor status even if I am not home.

You will need to decide whether you want to use Actiontiles, Hubitat Dashboard, or both. I was a previous user of Actiontiles using Smartthings, so my learning curve was gentle.

Since Actiontiles for Hubitat was released in beta in April of this year, it has been open to any Hubitat user without a paid license. When the integrations goes into full operational status, you will need to purchase a new license for your Hubitat hub. While your Smartthings license can be transferred from one ST hub to another, it cannot be transferred to a Hubitat hub. If this is a consideration for you, then you might want to stick with the Hubitat Dashboard. Personally, I like Actiontiles and am happy to support the cost of development and operation.

You can do this also with native Hubitat Dashboards or the app also. You just can't do administrative tasks.


True. That is why I stated that you need to decide if you want to use Actiontiles, Hubitat Dashboard, or both. I chose Actiontiles because I already had learned how to do everything I wanted when I had Smartthings. The functionality was nearly identical, so the transition was fairly easy, much easier than learning Dashboard would have been. If I were starting from scratch, I might have gone with with Dashboard.

I use both. For me, ActionTiles is much more reliable when I am using my computer away from home. The local Hubitat dashboard works perfectly. The Cloud dashboard rarely seems to stay in sync for more than a few minutes. I have to manually refresh it to see the current status. ActionTiles is always accurate.


So, okay, I can't seem to find this anywhere. I went to Hubitat and added the actiontiles app. So, now what? I can't seem to find anything telling you how to connect it to AT so AT can see your HE devices.

Scratch that. I found it. It's under "Add a hub", for anyone who was temporarily as lost as me.


Is development stopped? It seems to me that nothing more moves in this integration? Will access to the HSM eventually be added?

You might want to pose this question on yhe Actiontiles forum. The beta went live about a year ago. It is still free to use. It may be that there are not enough users of the beta to make further development viable. After all Hubitat has its own Dashboard.

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Actiontiles been to slow to switch to hubitat. When I leaved smartthings I switch to Sharptools beacause they already support Hubitat. Actiontiles choosed stay with smartthings and will die with them. Sad.

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Sharptools is ace.

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I used Actiontiles with Smartthings and I am using it with Hubitat. It works in a similar manner. It might not support specific apps like HSM, but it will certainly show any data from physical or virtual devices provided by Hubitat.

So I can transfer credentials of my soon to be decommissioned SmartThings hub to my new Hubitat hub and continue with Actiontiles?

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The answer is not quite so simple.

An ActionTiles license that you registered for Smartthings cannot be transferred to your Hubitat hub. Eventually, you will have to purchase a license for Hubitat. However, ActionTiles for Hubitat has been available in open-beta mode for a along time. You can use it freely until they decide to terminate the open-beta program. I thought that transition would have occurred months ago, but it has not.

There are free alternatives to ActionTiles such as the built-in Hubitat Dashboard. However, I stayed with ActionTiles to avoid having to learn a new interface.


The built in Hubitat Dashboard is lacks many things that makes ActionTiles great.


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