Accessing zwave event data in a rule

When I was using SmartThings, I could run different actions based on whether the door was locked from the inside or outside (locked via keypad or manually). I made changes in my lock driver to provide me the right information but I don't seem to be able to access the data. In the log I see this:
zwaveEvent(hubitat.zwave.commands.alarmv2.AlarmReport) returning with result = [[name:lock, value:locked, data:[method:keypad, lockName:Front Door Lock], descriptionText:Locked manually]]
Is there a way in the rule engine to get that result and build an if then clause based on it? I would also like to look at the data that comes when I unlock the door. The content I want is there, I just want to access it and do different things because of it...

Not the Z-Wave data, no. But you can get Description Text by putting %text% into a String variable, and then pulling that apart or looking at it with Contains.

OK so I can work on the driver a bit to figure out how to add the content to the message. Can you provide me a piece of sample rule that shows me how to access the %text% within the rule engine? I know groovy but I can’t figure out how to code groovy in the rule engine

Based on what you showed above, this is the Description Text, so "Locked manually" would end up in the 'stringV' variable:

descriptionText:Locked manually