Accessing individual buttons on 4-button remote in Webcore

I just added a Ministon 4-button remote. I also added it to the available devices in Webcore. When I look at the device on the Devices page, it shows as a 4-button remote. The issue is when I attempt to use it in a Webcore piston, I do not see the option to define actions for the individual buttons. These means I can't create statements like "if button 1 pushed then do something."

I moved from ST to HE last fall and while I no longer have any of the WC pistons I used on that platform, I remember being able to address each button on multi-button remotes individually. Edit to note that I see each button push when I look at the log:

Can anyone help me understand what I'm doing wrong? TIA.

Here are the options I see in WC:

You should be able to select "gets" and specify "1" or whatever button number you want.

I thought so, too, but I don't see anywa to specify a specific button. I found this on the Webcore forum so it looks like others have encountered something similar. I'm stumped.

That post is a bit old, and the button handling was changed at some point, I think after that post, though a while ago still in any case. Can you choose "gets" instead of "gets any"? That is where I was going above.

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Okay, I get it now. The gets statement is actually expecting the value of the button that was pushed. A quick test shows that using gets with a button number works. Thanks for your help.


See also

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