About the Easy Dashboard ๐Ÿ†•

Introduced with platform version 2.3.9, the Easy Dashboard boasts built-in functionality previously unattainable with the existing Hubitat Dashboard. This revamped interface not only provides extensive details on your connected devices but also delivers a seamless drag-and-drop experience for effortless dashboard creation on demand.

Feel free to utilize this section for sharing your feedback, ideas, and showcasing your Easy Dashboards. Your input and creativity are highly valued!

For more details on how to get started with the new dashboard, check out the documentation or watch the how to video.


Sounds great.

Does the upgrade to 2.3.9 include a way to import existing dashboards into Easy Dashboard, or do they need to be created from scratch?

Even if some attributes (color, position, icon) don't map from the legacy dashboard to ED (no, Easy Dashboard, not the other "ED"), it would still be great to have new dashboards created with the same names and auto-populated with the same devices with the previous template pre-selected for each device.


Mine have shown in Easy Dashboard with a Copy button to import to Easy Dashboard

Is there somewhere I can go to see some detailed setup instrucutions. There is a basic one in Hubitat Documentation but no where good enough to be able to set anything up other than a real basic one.

Check out the new How-to video: