A weird problem with the dashboard?

every time i do an action in the dash board i have to reload it. it quits responding. I go into a bulb then turn it on and the bulbs personal window wont close. then i restart it by just going back into the dash from the link on the left reloading it. for some reason it seems when i toggle the temp slider after turning it on or off im able to close the personal window..hmm

What browser are you using - Chrome should work great.
Also have you tried using either a mobile device or computer ?

I've seen this bug too with the Generic Zigbee Bulb CT (dev) driver and Firefox.

yeah using chrome. I don't normally use a browser on my computer but I installed chrome as the default browser(edge) on the computer wouldn't work with the hubitat at all. also this is with all my bulbs not just bulbs that are using generic zigbee ct dev driver.also it happens while using the application aswell. thanks at least I know its not just me.