A week in and loving it

So, I'm a week in with HE and have not speant a huge amount of time with it yet but am loving it, not only does it do everything I've wanted so far it appeals to the coder in me.

So far I have hooked it up to my two hue hubs (this alone was a big step forward as now I can control all my lights, around 50, with Alexa instead of those on just the one bridge), my GOGOGate garage door opener, my smart things multi sensors, lannouncer on the tablet used for the dash board and more.

Little things like the tablet announcing when the garage door is open or closed is handy, motion controlled lights in the kitchen (the rest of the motion done on one of my hue hubs for lights). Being able to tell at a glance what windows and door are open, a verbal notification when my daughter, 10 yrs old, begins her walk home from school etc

Anyway, just had to gush, really enjoying it.



Welcome to Hubitat!

Enjoy the ride

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