A way to track app/device code updates?

One of the things I miss about ST is the ability to easily check to see if any of my apps or device handlers have been updated. Is there anything like this for the hubitat? I have a few apps I added via code found here, but am always worried one of them will be updated without me realizing it.

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One rather hacky option is my 'hubitat' script. It provides several commands, including the ability to install app or driver code from a GitHub repo onto your hubitat, and to push code updates to hubitat. (Its push command will check the source repo for updates, and push them to hubitat.)

I really miss the way SmartThings linked to Github and made it so easy to check for driver / app updates, and update the code if available. I think about how nice that was, and wonder if Hubitat will have that availability soon at least once per week. driver / app updates are much more difficult and time consuming to keep track of now.

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Something along these lines is on our roadmap. We understand the need very well, and would like to provide a good framework for app/driver updates. Stay tuned...